Rolling Out Magazine Interview

Digital mentoring with Christopher King of We Are Marcus

By Meagan Sunn | December 25, 2019

Why is technology important for improving the educational outcomes for Black children?  Technology is important in developing outcomes for Black children for several reasons. Primarily, people use tech every day to entertain, educate, learn and engage socially. In short, we want to meet our young people where they are to build awareness and also engage with them meaningfully while reducing barriers to access of mentors. Beyond our engaging tech, we also responsibly approach this space with offline supports and in-person training on restorative justice discussions in school and after school settings to best use WAMpro. WAMpro then captures vital information in social-emotional learning that schools are investing more and more in. Recently, Education Week surveyed principals and concluded that this investment amounts to $62B in 2020 alone. What advice would you give someone interested in starting a tech business?  Start as early as you can immersing yourself in learning. Your venture will likely entail a lot of it and if you’re eager to learn, you’ll be well-suited to experiment quickly. Initially, I’d recommend learning about both “successful” and “failed” entrepreneurs in the specific area of interest you have. Read The Lean StartupVenture Deals, and Grow Regardless before talking to too many people about their journeys, as everyone has advice, but it’s not all helpful. Try to seek a lot of advice from people who have actually taken the risks you’re looking to take.In short, do the work first.