What is SEL?

Introducing SEL (social-emotional learning), one of three domains WAM Academy (WAM) uses in our mentoring platform. It equips Black and Brown students with the tools they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

We are revolutionizing mentorship, in part, by incorporating the latest SEL data into our approach.

We know what you’re probably thinking: “Sounds great, but get on with the explanation.” So without further ado, below is an SEL overview.

SEL 101

SEL is a component of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) program, which helps to cultivate skills and environments that advance students’ learning and development.

SEL is a pretty big deal. It addresses the five core competencies and enables schools and communities to equip students with the interpersonal skills needed to develop a healthy sense of self, make decisions, build connections, and achieve personal and academic success.

It works with the community in mind, using a “teach the teacher” method that allows them to create safe, welcoming places for students to learn. This produces well-rounded students who add value to their communities according to their strengths, needs, and cultures — and it’s backed by research! Hundreds of independent studies, to be exact, but who’s counting? Spoiler alert: we are.


SEL Piqued Your Interest?

We hope so! We’ll post again shortly to explain exactly how WAM integrates SEL into our platform. In the meantime, visit our website to learn more.

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