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WAM Impact Partners

our mission

Close the Mentoring Gap

Millions of Black, Brown, and diverse youth face roadblocks that hinder their success. These young people lack opportunities, resources, and support because, too often, the systems in place fail to meet them where they are. They have distinct cultural identities and social challenges that require educators to “see them” in order to fully connect and provide meaningful guidance. WAM Impact Partners is revolutionizing the industry by pairing students with diverse mentor stories and interactive and engaging learning experiences, allowing them to thrive academically and personally.

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We Can't Do It Alone

With your donation to WAM Impact Partners, you’re taking a bold stance against inequities and enabling students to access caring mentor stories who can help them navigate the unique obstacles on the road ahead. Take part in our journey to close the mentoring gap!

Corporate Partnership

We believe in the power of partnership. Our work is made possible by generous donors who care deeply about the success of our students and their impact on society. As a corporate partner, you can invest in the next generation of leaders and support your organization’s philanthropic goals and community involvement. Join us in our mission to inspire today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.