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Bringing Excellence To Students.

WAM Academy’s platform works because it connects students with diverse mentors who share their personal stories and experiences. By engaging in these powerful learning experiences, students can discover new perspectives, develop important life skills, and see what’s possible for their own lives.

Give Back

Our mentor speakers got where they are today because someone took the time to invest in them. Now they invest in the next generation.


Mentor speakers give students a vision of a different life that is possible for them. A story can establish a path a student never thought possible.


Every student has extraordinary potential, and mentor speakers help students recognize the potential within.

proven results

Long Term Impact

The WAM Mentoring Effect unlocks endless possibilities for learners to achieve their full potential.

Reduced Suspension Rates


Less Likely to Skip Class or Be Truant


Less Likely to Engage in Substance Abuse

simple investment. scaled impact.

Mentor Speakers

Wondering what it takes to be a mentor with WAM Academy? We ask our mentors to share their story once, and we share that story repeatedly with students through our platform. 

Share Your Story

We believe every mentor has a powerful story to tell, so we've partnered with Vocal Video, a digital video collector. Our mentor speakers can easily record and share their unique experiences and insights in a fun and engaging way.

Record Your Story

With Vocal Video, mentors can remotely record their stories using any device. The platform allows for recordings of up to 5 minutes, so mentors can share as much or as little detail as they like

Submit Your Story

After recording, click the Video Collector link to upload your recording. Once you submit your recording, our team will review it and upload it to our platform for students to access. It's that easy! 

Contact Us to Become a Mentor

We are looking for mentors from different backgrounds who can give Black, Brown, and diverse students a vision for their futures.

If you’d like to become a WAM Academy mentor, contact us using the form to the right and let us know what would make you a great mentor!