WAM Academy Update for October 2023 (Q3)

✨Highlights and Traction✨

Q3 was all about testing a cohort recruitment model and informing pilots. We are planning to teach what we’ve learned and recruit regular cohorts as we further develop WAM tech!

Statesmen College Preparatory Academy’s mindfulness report has progressed, and we’re looking forward to echoing the work of this school. Our data vision is also communicated tightly in this engaging report. We’re actively looking for sponsors to support this and future research with school-based practitioners. Our message here is to shape the future of work with a stronger sense of self-discovery, emotional intelligence, and social awareness. For the benefit of all of us, this means better group projects, more thoughtful managers and leaders, and stronger retention at ambitious organizations.

WAM tech suppliers have presented proposals to enhance our WAM tech offering. We can’t wait to tell you more about it this fall!

Planning calls for WAM tech and program support abroad have begun for 21 countries. In phase 1, we hosted program discovery calls for directors in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

WAM Impact Partners has been awarded a 2023 Tri-State Master Networks Community Council Award. Tri-State MN’s mission has always focused on the power of community. This year’s grant recipients represent a diverse group of non-profit organizations making a meaningful impact throughout the tri-state region of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Exciting developments are on the horizon regarding our email addresses. Stay tuned for updates as we work to enhance our email system. These changes will help us streamline our communication and better serve our community. We look forward to sharing more details soon!

Q3 learning from Summer Academy is to offer more to our audience and execute ongoing experiments with our partners. Rapid ideation coming soon in WAM labs!! Leave us a comment if you want to be in a WAM focus group.


We are excited to report that everyone on our team took a break during August. This is a testament to building the workplace we imagine in the future of work.

Shoutout to Curriculum Management Consultant, Nelly Lubin, for contributing to curriculum mapping on WAM research in our upcoming white paper release.


Founder shoutout for Christopher C. King for qualifying for the Istanbul Wisdom Council led by Patrick Mosher. Professor Mosher is a 30-year executive leader from Accenture Consulting and currently faculty at Purdue University, who convenes global impact leaders in rotating executive retreats to spiritually significant locations around the world annually. This fellowship curates lifelong membership with impact leaders who have made significant strides in executing big ideas across the world. This year, the program convened in Istanbul, Turkey, for a week of mindfulness and deeper connections with c-suite visionaries. You can keep up with the experience via tweets @_kingtalks and @wearemarcus1.

Conversations with Black Leaders in Education conference, an enlightening event where Black voices from the forefront of education discussed its future and prevailing challenges. This experience served as a reminder of our commitment to meaningful dialogues and continuous learning in our pursuit of advancing education.



Q3 was outreach and pitch mode. Now that we’ve received more feedback, we are actively looking for impact-driven investors. During our screening calls, the most promising feedback has been to nail our upcoming pilots. Execution is what will separate us from the pack and provide more proof points, as well as more testimonials to scale our impact metrics.

Our Fractional CTO partners at ThinkNimble have joined us in reaching out to angel groups! If you are in community with angel groups that are aligned with our vision, please connect with us.

We’re close to our goal of $500k submitted in grant applications, out of $2.6M available. We’re seeking more funding opportunities and technical writers to expand our capacity while we apply, apply, apply to relevant funding opportunities. If you know someone amazing to help, we’d love to be in relationship with them and have more resources to pursue applications.

Shoutout to our local partners who’ve supported our work in Q3 at TD Bank and lending partners at FSC First.

How you can help

Relationships with funders currently investing in edtech startups and future of work. Also, social impact aligned founders who have experience with investors and small business grant applications.

Connections: reach out to cking@wearemarcus.com to make warm introductions to venture capitalists that invest in Black/minority-founded companies, women-led businesses, or social enterprise startups. We would love to discuss our mission and company goals with aligned investors.

Philanthropic partners and advisors who would like to support WAM Impact Partners (501c3), WAM Academy’s sister organization. We invest in character development tools and in community partners who have proximity to meaningful change. The co-conspirators that lead education reform nationwide and globally.

Become a mentor speaker using Vocal Video, an online video-capturing platform! It only takes five minutes of your time but has a lasting impact. Click on one of these categories to start:

Check out our Black Excellence Sale clothing line and show your support for our work. Every purchase helps us continue to provide valuable resources to Black and Brown youth.

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